Crankshaft Line For Sale

Complete Crankshaft Production Line For Immediate Sale

Production Line for the manufacture of a 6-throw Split Pin V-6 Crankshaft.
  • The crankshaft is undercut and fillet rolled.
  • The line was designed for an annual volume of 90,000 crankshafts per annum.
  • (2) crankshafts were produced on the line for a 2.0L & 2.5L V-6 gasoline engine.
  • The line was installed in 1999.
  • All of the machines are CNC controlled.
  • The line is setup for Automatic and/or Manual parts loading & transport.
  • The line has been maintained to a very high standard and is in excellent condition.
  • The line will include a full set of machine documentation, tooling, and spare parts as currently available from stock.

Below is a list of machines included in the line. Click on a blue OP# below to view photographs of the machines.

OP #ManufacturerModelMachine TypeSizeOperating Description
10HellerMCP-H 200 Horizontal Maching Center 630 x 500 x 710 Mill ends, center, turn clamp diameters
20HellerRFK20-2-800 CNC Crankshaft Mill 200 x 800 Mill pins & mains
30HellerDRZ 400/2 CNC Turn Turn Broach 200 x 800 Turn all mains & undercuts
40HellerDRZ 400/1 CNC Turn Turn Broach 360 x 800 Turn all pins & undercuts
50Hegenscheidt7892-2 Fillet Rolling Machine Deep roll pins & mains undercuts
60HellerMCP-H 200 Horizontal Machining Center 630 x 500 x 710 Bolt hole drill & tap & other end work
80TBT3M 250-1-800 3-Staion Oil Hole Drill Drill oil holes
90WashmasterCrankshaft Washing Machine Wash crankshaft
95LandisLT1CNC CBN Thrust Wall Grinder 200 x 800 Grind thrust walls
100Landis5RIWE CNC Multi-Wheel Mains Grinder 400 x 635 Grind main bearings
110Landis3L1 CBN CNC Orbital Pin Chaser 400 x 680 Finish grind all pins
120Landis3SE CNC Angle Approach Grinder 250 x 750 Grind post & flange ends
130Schenck 200 RBRK Crankshaft Balancing Machine Balance crankshaft
140ImpcoMicro Finisher Polish/Super Finsish crankshaft
150WashmasterWashing Machine Wash crankshaft
160Machsize Inspection Machine Inspect crankshaft