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We can provide you with a Certified Machine Geometry Inspection Report at your request for any machine we offer for sale.

We carry a large selection of substantial metal working machinery that is available for your inspection under power in our warehouse.

Every machine is covered by our Return Privilege if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. No Risk Buying!

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Stock Number ManufacturerModelTable SizeYear Feature
3709Moore No. 3 11" X 24" 1968
3906Moore No. 3 11" X 24" 1970
4935Moore No. 3 11" X 24" 1971DRO
4932Moore No. G-18 11" X 24" 1978DRO
4934Moore No. G-18 11" X 24" 1993DRO
4924Moore/NASANo. G-18 11" X 24" 1995CNC
4873SIP/HauserS-50-DR 34" X 40" 1981Twin Column
ET-5099MooreNo. 210" X 19"Jig Grinder
ET-5097MooreG-1811” X 24”19994-Axis CNC
ET-5304MooreNo. 311” X 24”1960Jig Grinder
ET-5291MooreNo. 311” X 24”1969Jig Grinder
ET-5284MooreNo. 311” X 24”1968Jig Grinder
ET-5201MooreG-1811” X 24”1980Jig Grinder
ET-5129MooreNASA No. 3 AXIS11” X 24”Jig Grinder

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MooreNo. 311” X 24”1960Jig Grinder